About us

LLC "PROMMETEX" is a manufacturer of chemical products and a seller of chemical goods.
LLC "PROMMETEX" provides services in pelletization and packaging.

The company provides engineering services for the Alliance Renault-Nissan in terms of the development of equipment for the new X-RAY car. Our new line of engineering services are designing, producing, servicing vacuum-forming machines from start and on turnkey terms to customer specifications.

LLC "PROMMETEX" realizes two high tech projects in the "Zhigulevskaya VALLEY" industrial park:

- Development and production of reduction liquid of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of diesel engines («AUS 32 RUSBlue»)

- Development and production of antifriction and wear-resistant oil additives for engines and "Forum" lubricants on the basis of ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylen (innovative additive).


The corporate objective is to produce goods and provide high-quality services that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers.

Home manufacture

High quality of products. Availability of goods in storehouse. Short terms of execution of a contract.


LLC "PROMMETEX" realizes high tech projects in the "Zhigulevskaya VALLEY" industrial park.


Prices for the products are contractual. Price issue is resolved on mutually advantageous terms. There are discounts and respite of payments for patrons.

Cube vessel in metal lath

Degassing tablet

A solution of technical sodium hydroxide (30%)

A solution of technical sodium hydroxide (47%)

Detergent MDSF



Making tablets from chemical powder. Produced in special machines under pressure. The tablets are used for degassing aluminum castings.


Our designers use the latest engineering software in the "Zhigulevskaya VALLEY" innovation center to minimize the final cost of the product.


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